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Texas Early
Music Project

Music of the Divine from Medieval to Baroque

Sacred connections...

Sacred music, both liturgical and extra-liturgical, was a hugely important factor in the
development of the musical arts in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods,
not to mention the importance of the Church in the daily lives of the people of Western
Europe and the British Isles. Texas Early Music Project (TEMP) has performed well more
than 100 concerts since we began our concert series in 1999, and a substantial amount
of sacred music has been performed in these concerts. Whether for meditation, prayer,
or purely the visceral beauty, we hope you enjoy these few selections in our first
compilation CD of sacred music, chosen from concerts from 2001-2013.

Recorded live performances at various venues, 2001-2013.
Jay Norwood, Sound Engineer

Sacred CD


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On this CD:
(Editions of tracks 4 and 5 are by Dr. Rebecca Baltzer.
Other editions and arrangements are by D. Johnson.)

1. Polorum Regina (Llibre vermell, 13th & 14th centuries)  
2. Cuncti simus concanentes (Llibre vermell)  
3. Beata viscera (Perotin, fl. c. 1200)
    Jenifer Thyssen, soprano, & Therese honey, harp
4. Sanctus, Christe yerarchia (Troped Sanctus; Anonymous, 12th c.)
    Temmo Korisheli, soloist
5. Alleluya Nativitas, part 1 (Three-voice Organum; Perotin, fl. c. 1200)
6. Stand wel moder (Anon., early 13th c.)
    Stephanie Prewitt & Daniel Johnson, soloists
7. O ignis spiritus (Antiphon; Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)
    Jenifer Thyssen, Gitanjali Mathur, & Meredith Ruduski, soloists
8. Ave Maria, Mater Dei (Eton Choirbook; William Cornysh, d.1523)  
9. Salve Regina à 9 (Eton Choirbook; Robert Wylkynson c.1450-1515?)  
10. Die werelt hielt mi in haer gewout
     (chant by Suster Bertken, c.1427-1514; arr. DJ, 2005)
     Jenifer Thyssen, Cayla Cardiff, & Erin Calata, soloists
11. Gloria, à 12 (Missa Et ecce terrae motus;
     Antoine Brumel, c.1460-c.1512?)
12. O superbi mundi machina (Maria Xaveria Peruchona, c. 1652-c.1709)
     Stephanie Prewitt, Meredith Ruduski, & Cayla Cardiff, soloists
13. Alles was ihr tut, excerpt: Sonata & Chorus
     (BuxWV 4; Dieterich Buxtehude, c.1637-1707)
14. Gloria: Et in terra pax (attrib. G.F. Handel, 1685-1759)
     Jenifer Thyssen, soloist
15. Gloria: Quoniam (attrib. G.F. Handel, 1685-1759)
     Jenifer Thyssen, soloist

The following is a chronological list of the concerts used for this recording with the relevant tracks in parenthesis.
(6) Mirie it is! Early Middle English Songs, February 4, 2001 (1, 2) Womansong: Medieval Pilgrimage, February 20, 2010
(14, 15) Gloria, December 22, 2001 (4, 5) From Notre-Dame to St. Mary Cathedral, March 26, 2011
(3) The Play of Daniel, December 20, 2003 (7) Living Waters: Works by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), February 25, 2012
(13) Pathways to Bach: Music in Germany in the 17th Century, April 16, 2005 (11) They Might Be Giants: Josquin & the Renaissance, October 29, 2012
(8, 9) Salve Regina: The Glories of the Early Renaissance in England, February 23, 2007 (10, 12) Secret No More: Renaissance & Baroque Music by Nuns, Courtesans, & Queens, April 20, 2013

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